Sophia Williams
AndroidMonitor is a “must have” software. I highly recommend to all parents that they install this app on the cell phones of their children. My daughter wanted to go on a vacation to Europe with her best friend. Regardless of the distance, AndroidMonitor allowed me to check if she was alright and not into any troubles. I was able to check her location at any time and this gave me peace of mind, for me and my husband. A must have application! Highly recommend it!

Emma Brown
Is it possible that my daughter is a drug addict? Soon after she started dating her new older boyfriend, me and her father, started noticing first signs – she was constantly nervous, skipping school and even money and stuff were disappearing from our home. Friends of my husband advised us to install AndroidMonitor on her cell phone and constantly monitor her phone calls, SMS messages and so on. On the next day we learned shocking news – she was into heroin. Hopefully, wе caught her on time and started working with a therapist. Now she is clean, happy and has a future! AndroidMonitor helped us save our daughter! Can't express how grateful I am!

AndroidMonitor is a cell phone tracking and monitoring application exclusively for Android cell phones and tablets.
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