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Please read carefully the whole page and follow all steps to make sure the app will work properly.
  1. Pre-installation & Settings
    1. Allow Unknown sources on Android <= 7
    2. Allow Unknown sources on Android >= 8
    3. Disable Google Play Protect
  2. App installation & Configuration
    1. Download the app
    2. Initiate installation
    3. Configure target phone/tablet
    4. Finish installation
  3. Login & Start Monitoring

1.1 Allow Unknown Sources on Android <= 7

Devices with Android <= 7 (Nougat) require you to allow installation of apps from unknown sources (which is to install apps outside of Google Play) before installing such apps. The permission to install apps from unknown sources is a general permission on the device and can be allowed from a central location.

  • Image 01

    Go to Settings

    If you cannot see the "Settings" icon on your screen go to your Home screen and search there.

    If you still cannot find the "Settings" icon then you might need to go to Apps and find it there.

    Every phone has a Settings app and it is pre-installed by default.

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  • Image 02

    Open "Lock screen & Security" or just "Security"

    Go to "Lock screen & Security".

    If you cannot find "Lock screen & Security" don't worry. Some phones don't have that menu. They have two menus named "Lock screen" and "Security". One for each section in the Settings.

    If that is the case, then just tap on "Security".

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  • Image 03

    Allow "Unknown sources"

    If "Unknown sources" is not allowed (doesn't have a tick) just tap on it and confirm that you want to allow it.

1.2 Allow Unknown Sources on Android >= 8

Devices with Android >= 8 (Oreo) require you to allow installation of apps from unknown sources (which is to install apps outside of Google Play) before installing such apps. The permission to install apps from unknown sources is not a general permission and is granted on per-app basis.

This means that Android will ask you to give permission to your Web Browser (most probably Google Chrome) to install the application. It will ask you when you open the downloaded file through the web browser and not just when the download has finished.

  • Image 01

    Click on "Settings"

    You will see this message when the app has been downloaded and just before the installation starts.

    Click on "Settings" so that you can allow your Web Browser to initiate the installation of the app.

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  • Image 01

    Enable "Allow from this source"

    This actually allows Android to install applications downloaded from your Web Browser.

    Just tap on it and then go back by clicking on < .

1.3 Disable Google Play Protect

It is mandatory to disable Google Play Protect. You can do that by turning off “Scan device for Security threats” from Google Settings or Google Protect (Play Store). This is required on devices with Android 5 and newer. In rare cases, it is required for Android 4.

There is a dedicated tutorial on how to disable Google Play Protect with video instructions. If you don't want to watch it, just follow the steps below.

  • Image 01

    Open "Google Play"

    Find the Google Play icon and tap on it.

    Google Play is pre installed on every phone. Some Asian phones may not have it but if that is your case then there is no need to configure it in first place.

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  • Image 01

    Open "Play Protect"

    Click on the menu icon (upper right corner)

    Then click on Play Protect

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  • Image 01

    Open Play Protect Settings

    Click on the Gear wheel icon (upper right corner)

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  • Image 01

    Disable these 2 options

    Make sure "Scan device for security threats" is DISABLED.

    Make sure "Improve harmful app detection" is DISABLED.

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  • Image 01

    Go to Settings > Apps

    Go to Settings.

    And click on Apps.

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  • Image 01

    Open "Google Play Store"

    Find Google Play Store and click on it.

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  • Image 01

    Open Notifications

    Click on Notifications.

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  • Image 01

    Disable "High Priority"

    Make sure "High priority" is DISABLED.

    Or you could just turn OFF all notifications from Google Play Store as shown on the figure.

2.1 Download the app

Visit and click on the "Download now!" button. You might want to open an incognito tab although our app, when installed, will try to remove all traces to the website and to the installation file that has been downloaded.

  • Image 01

    Open Web Browser

    You can open Google Chrome, the stock browser or any other browser.

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  • Image 01

    Navigate to the download site


    You might want to open the download page from an incognito tab.

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  • Image 01

    Download the app

    Click on the "Download AndroidMonitor Now!" button.

2.2 Initiate installation

The app has been downloaded and after you try to open the installation file from the web browser you will start the installation procedure.

  • Image 01

    Open file

    Click on the Open text.

    Now the installation file will be opened

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  • Image 01


    If you don't see the Install button just scroll down a bit.

    Click on the Install button.

    This will install the downloaded app onto the target device.

    The setup process is not finished yet. Please follow all other steps carefully.

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  • Image 01

    Install anyway (unsafe)

    If you see this messages this means that you didn't disable Google Play Protect.

    Just click on the "Install anyway" to proceed further.

2.3 Configure target phone/tablet

This step is all about configuring the target device in such a way that it will not put the app to sleep or restrict network connectivity.

Remember an important rule related to the configuration of your target device. If you see a particular configuration option from the device-specific tutorials below and you cannot find that configuration option on the device you are installing the app onto, then just skip that option and continue applying the other options.

It is really important to configure you device just before you have entered your E-Mail address and started the app. Now the app is installed and so you can adjust the device settings which are related to the app. When you are done with these settings just open the app and finish the installation procedure.

Down below you will find configuration instructions for many devices. Don't worry if you cannot find your target device in the list. Just keep in mind that all you have to do is to configure:

  • Battery related settings: to not put to sleep the app
  • Network related settings: so that the phone will have Wifi/Mobile data when it is locked
  • Notification related settings: so that Google Play Protect won't show any notifications about the app
  • Application related settings: so that the app will have all permissions, will be able to start itself, will be able to work in the background

2.4 Finish installation

  • Image 01

    Launch AndroidMonitor

    Find and click on the AndroidMonitor icon.

    All icons will be automatically hidden after the installation is complete.

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  • Image 01

    Enable all options.

    'Improve stability' will make the app run more stable.

    'Enable Key Logger' will activate the key logger so you will be able to spy on social apps without root.

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  • Image 01

    Enter your E-mail.

    Enter your E-mail twice and the system will send you an email with your password in a minute.

    Your E-mail won't be visible anywhere and it is required only during the installation.

    When you are ready click on 'Complete installation'.

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  • Image 01

    Installation is complete.

    Click on the Close button.

    All icons will be automatically hidden.

3 Login & Start Monitoring

After the app has been successfully installed you will receive an E-mail within few minutes with your password to the inbox of the Email address that you specified during installation.

If you don't get your password in few minutes please check your SPAM folder.

If you can't find your password in in the SPAM folder as well, you can always reset your password.

When you get your password just go to your Private Area and start monitoring.

If you are having any difficulties installing the app please contact our Live Support via phone, live chat, send us an offline message from our contact form or visit our Help & FAQS section.
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