View the entire phonebook and their contacts

By using AndroidMonitor, you will have full access to the entire contacts book of the monitored phone. With AndroidMonitor you can:

  • See all persons in the contacts book of the tracked phone.
  • Get the details of each one contact like names, phone numbers and more.
  • See when and how often the target user is contacting persons on their address book.
  • See the Email addresses of each one contact.
  • Know if they use instant messengers and if they do, see their account names (Skype, Gtalk, etc)
  • Get the notes the target user has written about their contacts.
  • Why do you need this feature

    Do you want to know to whom your kid is talking on the phone? Are you afraid that your child is texting with the wrong guys? Maybe your employees are talking on the phone when they should be working. Or worse - they may be contacting your competitors.

    To see a demo of this feature please click here.
AndroidMonitor is a cell phone tracking and monitoring application exclusively for Android cell phones and tablets.
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