View where they have been and the places they visited

AndroidMonitor will track the cell phone and upload all locations to your Private Area. With AndroidMonitor you can:

  • View the complete location history of the target user.
  • Track GPS location even without GPS on the target phone.
  • Get details like latitude and longitude.
  • Know the locations the target user is visiting.
  • See their current GPS location.
  • Track their location on the map.

Why do you need this feature

Do you want to know where are your children? Are they lying to you about where they are going? Are you sure they are not skipping school or going to dangerous places? Make sure your employees are not using company benefits without permission?

To see demo GPS location tracking of a cell phone under monitoring with this spy app, please click here.
AndroidMonitor is a cell phone tracking and monitoring application exclusively for Android cell phones and tablets.
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