Your Private Area is your main tool for spying on Android devices

This is the place from where you can use every feature of AndroidMonitor and see all extracted data from the monitored devices (phones or tablets). You can use it anywhere, any time from any device.

The moment you install the mobile application on the target device it becomes under monitoring. But to see the actual data from the target device and to control it, you have to log into your Private Area.

You are the only person who can log into your account.

  • See in details all extracted data for each feature from the target device.
  • Remotely control the device.
  • Export the data in a suitable format.
  • Private Area works well with mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops.
  • Only you can log into your Private Area.
To see the demo Private Area, please click here.

AndroidMonitor is a cell phone tracking and monitoring application exclusively for Android cell phones and tablets.
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