View their Skype chats

AndroidMonitor lets you see all Skype chats and calls made on the target phone. With AndroidMonitor Skype spying software you can:

  • Read every Skype chat message.
  • View all calls made on the target.
  • Have full access to their Skype contact list.
  • Get the date and time of each Skype chat message or call.
  • Get the photos, audio and video files received with Skype.
  • All Skype chat messages and calls will be available in your Private Area.
  • Why do you need this feature

    Do you know what your employees are using Skype for? Do you know about what they talk and chat on Skype? Are worried that your children might be using Skype for bad conversations? If you want to know to whom and when they are calling or what they are chatting about install AndroidMonitor. AndroidMonitor is a full featured Skype monitoring software. You will have their call logs, contacts chats uploaded to your Private Area. You can access your Private Area anytime you want with any computer with an Internet connection.

    To see what it looks like to spy on Skype, please click here.
AndroidMonitor is a cell phone tracking and monitoring application exclusively for Android cell phones and tablets.
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