View all phone calls

Have full access to the entire call history of the target phone. With AndroidMonitor you can:

  • Spy on all phone calls, either incoming or outgoing. You will have access to the missed calls too.
  • See details like the names and phone numbers of the people contacted.
  • Know the exact date and time of each phone call.
  • Know how often the target phone is contacting someone.
  • Filter calls by name.
  • Export all the data in a suitable format for local review or printing.
  • Have full access to the entire call log just by logging into your Private Area from any location with Internet connection.
  • Why do you need this feature:

    You as a parent are wondering with whom your children are meeting, what places do they visit and what do they do there. Whether your children are meeting with dangerous people.

    Similar applies if you are a business owner - you are trying to understand how well your employees are doing their job, are they conscious or they are selling your company's clients list and other sensitive information to your competitors.

    To see demo phone call logs of a cell phone under monitoring, please click here.
AndroidMonitor is a cell phone tracking and monitoring application exclusively for Android cell phones and tablets.
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