How to configure Huawei with Android 6.x (like P 8 Lite ALE-L21)

Huawei devices require special configuration in order for the tracking software to work properly. Please follow this easy and quick video tutorial carefully. However, if you have any difficulties, please contact us and we will help you!

Before you download the application it is required to disable Google Play Protect (as it will block the application from running). You can watch this video tutorial on how to disable Google Play Protect, or you can just follow the instructions below:

  • Open "Google Play" or "Play Store"
  • Click on the "Settings" icon in the upper left corner of the screen
  • Then, find and click on "Play Protect"
  • Then, make sure "Scan device for security threats" is disabled. That's it!

Now that Google Play Protect has been disabled, we can continue to downloading the app. After the app has been downloaded, install it but DO NOT OPEN it yet. Configure your device (phone/tablet) by following the instructions below (and only then go back to the application):

Go to "Settings" -> "Data traffic management" -> "Mobile network settings"

  • set "Mobile data always on" to ON

Go to "Settings" -> "Data traffic management" -> "Mobile network settings" -> "Networked apps"

  • "Update manager" has to have both "Mobile data" and "Wi-Fi" enabled

Go to "Settings" -> "Apps" -> "Update manager" -> "Data usage"

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen until you see 4 options ("Mobile data", "Wi-Fi", "Background data" and "Roaming data")
  • Make sure all 4 options are enabled

Go to "Settings" -> "Apps" -> "Update manager" -> "Permissions"

  • Make sure all options are enabled

Go to "Settings" -> "Apps" -> "Advanced" (in the lower left corner of the screen) -> "Ignore optiomisations"

  • Click on the down-arrow positioned on the left side of "Allowed", and when 2 options are shown select "All apps" so that we can see all options and ignore the optimisations for our app
  • Then find in the list of applications "Update manager", click on it, and then select "Allow" which will make our app run on the target device

Go to "Settings" -> "Advanced settings" -> "Battery manager" -> "Protected apps"

  • Find "Update manager" and make sure it is protected by sliding the slider on the left side of the app until it turns ON.

Go to "Settings" -> "Advanced settings" -> "Battery manager" -> Click on the gear icon (upper right corner of the screen, just below the time)

  • Make sure "power-intensive prompt" is disabled
  • Make sure "Close excessively power-intensive apps" is disabled
  • Make sure "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" is set to "Always"
  • Make sure "Keep mobile data on during sleep" is enabled

Now that the target device has been properly configured, we can finish the installation procedure by opening the AndroidMonitor app by tapping on the "Update manager" icon. When you open it, make sure to follow the installation instructions from within the app, which is to enable "Improve stability" and the "Enable Key Logger" options as well.

You might want to watch a general installation tutorial and/or review the the other installation tutorials for Huawei devices:.

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